How to create a multi-temporal stack with different relative orbits

Hello all,

I am a beginner to Sen-1 analyses and remote sensing in general and am doing some pre-research to figure out if my idea for a Master’s project is possible given my data and knowledge constraints. I would like to create a backscatter time-series graph for a few grassland plots. This ESA tutorial has been helping me through it. However, they mention only images of the same relative orbit can be combined into a multi-temporal stack.

For my objective, the more dates I have for the graph, the better. Yet filtering by a single orbit would reduce the total of ca. 50 images of my roi and period to 14. Is there a way to include other relative orbits when creating time-series graphs?

Please excuse any poor terminologies; as mentioned before, I am a beginner. I am at your disposal for further clarifications!