How to create displacement map in SNAP with Sentinel-1

Under the link I’ve uploaded a video tutorial how to create simple displacement map in SNAP with Sentinel-1 datasets.

how to create displacement map in SNAP with Sentinel-1

Very nice, thank you!
I moved it to the show room category.

I like that you always refer to the coherence because many people forget to check for data quality. Just one comment from my side: The view of the actual interferogram comes quite late. It is always a good idea to check the fringes at an early stage to see if the processing is going in a correct direction.

Very good point. I did the processing before, so I knew what the processing result would be and I generalized some workflow steps in the video.

No worries about that. You used a good example where the outcome shows an actual displacement. But I saw quite often in here that people first complete the full workflow and then look a the final result in the end, not knowing at which step it could have gone wrong.

Still, your videos are great to follow and a valuable contribution!

Thank you for your words of support. In fact I do the tutorials mainly for myself so that I always have them at hand because many things are being forgotten over time. At the moment I’m working on a tutorial showing how to preprocess in SNAP Sentinel-1 dataset made of more than one scene in order to import and obtain advanced polarimetric processing in PolSARPro. This solves the problem of importing single subs-swaths in PolSARpro.

I can imagine that many people would be interested in that!