How to create executable file from source code?

I’m new to Intellij IDEA, I’m working in Windows x64 system, after I have followed the instruction from here:
I download source code and run SNAP from Intellij IDEA successfully.
Then I modified some code in s1tbx, re-compile and bring the changes into effect.
But I have to run SNAP from Intellij IDEA every time, the launch of Intellij IDEA is very slow and memory consuming, makes it very unconvenient.
So, how can I create executable file from modified code? Or is there any way so that I can run SNAP from desktop instead of IDE?

You can provide your code to the s1tbx via a Pull-Request. Then it can be incorporated into one of the next releases.

You can also use the nbm module files which are created during the build and install them in a SNAP installation.
Maybe you need to set a new version for the specific module. But then it might happen that you miss an official update.
If the change is for a specific operator you could duplicate it into a new module, with a new name and a new version and install this module. Then you would have to version the original one and the changed one.

Actually, I would prefer the first way. At least if it is a generic change. Then all users could benefit from the update.

Dear marpet,
Thank you for your reply, the changes I made is for a specific opertator, I have modifed the code of, so that I can create ifgs between two slave images with a common master image. I may publish these changes in s1tbx forum in the future, I hope you can help me find it whether it’s correct or not in that time.
All the best,