How to create Multi-Temporal product of S2 in SNAP

Dear all concerned,

Is it possible to create new product which consists multiple bands of our interest from various Multi-temporal data products of sentinel-2?

In short, i need to have single Geo-Tiff file which should contains multi-temporal bands.

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This is possible, but I don’t know for which purpose it should be good for.

Anyway, following the necessary steps:
As a pre-requisite, the data products must have the same size should cover the same area.

  1. Resample the data products to the resolution you need.
  2. Use one product as basis and remove all bands you don’t need (select and press DEL-Key)
  3. Use Band Maths to copy bands from one product to the other. (untick the checkbox for creating virtual bands.)
  4. Save the product as GeoTIFF
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I tried to follow yours steps, but I want to save it as BEAM_DIMAP format.
I use L5 LVL 2 products (every band is 1 BEAM_DIMAP).
When i put all the bands in the same BEAM_DIMAP and save it as new product (lets say L5_new_product.BEAM_DIMAP), then I re-open the new product and only the first (main) band has data… the others are black and without data!!
Any ideas?

Thanks a lot!!