How to create simple false color images from Sentinel1 with snap/gpt/pconvert

I have made false color files from S2, both with snap and command line programs gpt/pconvert.

Now I would like to do similar with Sentinel 1.
I started to create a graph with graph builder in snap tool and made some simple transformation; took me a while to figure out since this seems to be heavy in cpu/mem consumption. But I still just have multiple grey images from the different polarizations.
When I made false color images for S2 I used:
/usr/local/snap/bin/pconvert -f jpg -p {}/config/color.txt -o {} {}

Is there a similar way for S1, maybe an example that produces color image, eventually in a format that can be used in Google Earth Pro?
I have no special requirement/purpose other than getting produced some pictures myself and then learn more from there… :wink:

Thanks in advance!