How to crop the images?

I’m trying to export the images to bmp or tiff (I fear losing more details in compressed graphic formats).

Then SNAP demands it to be resampled. Te problem is that it crashes at resampling, and it looks like is because the files are too large (the tiff goes over windows 4Gb max file size), or it runs out of memory.

So, I want to crop the image to a lower subset, but cannot figure how to do it. Is even possible within SNAP, or it requires another software?

Cropping in SNAP is called subsetting. You can zoom in the image view to your area of interest and then right click to select ‘Spatial subset from view’ from the context menu. Alternatively you can select a product and then select ‘Subset’ from the raster menu.

I would avoid using image formats like bitmap. For large images you can also export as BigTIFF which will give you a GeoTIFF file larger than 4GB but some other software may not support it.

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