How to cut the img with .shp

how to cut the img by .shp or others . I want to irregularly cut the SAR img .

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This has already been answered:

hello, do you know how to cut Sentinel GRD image by using .shp ?? I need your help~~

@laudawn: Please have a look here: SNAP: Clip Raster by Shapefile

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ok thanks~

Hi ABraun,
Greetings! I am Research to Land subsidence in VietNam. I use PSInSAR method.
However,I only work in small cities. Can I clip reseach boundares before and can I processing PSInSAR after that?
please, Help me. Thanks

you can create subsets from S1 InSAR stacks after applying TOPS Deburst.
If you’re a bit experienced with coding, this is offered by the Snap2stamps package: a free tool to automate the SNAP-StaMPS Workflow