How to determine the best scene for a coordinate?

Hey guys,
I need the reflectance values of a specific coordinate. This coordinate is imaged in two adjacent Tiles (T10SFH and T10SFJ). Despite having the same sensing date and time the reflectance values differ between those two scenes for that specific coordinate. I want to know why and which one of those two scenes is better suited. Would it be preferable to calculate a weighted mean?


Hi, actually there should be no difference if the tiles are from the same orbit.
The tiles always overlap but the same algoithm is used.
Some of the values used for the algorithm can be found in the metada.

However, the difference should not be big. So you can take one or the other or create the mean.
It should not affect your further calculation to much.

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You could also check if the tiles are from the same processing baseline.

So it isn’t possible that the values differ due to differences in distance to the tile center?

Actually not. At least not according to the agorithm.

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How big is the difference? Do the two scenes look similar in the overlap region?