How to disable version check on startup?

I seethis option in . I’m guessing I can set some config file option for this?


Yes, this is possible. Please have a look at this post.

The property can also be set in <USER_DIR>\.snap\etc\ Then it is a user setting and not for the installation. In this file the configuration is stored if you make the change in the GUI.

I have this, but when I launch the GUI, I still see the plugin installer box. Is it supposed to disappear?

$ more ~/.snap/etc/

$ more ~/.snap/etc/snap.conf

I tried the same changes in the snap.conf and files in the installation root, but the dialog box still appears.

BTW, can either of these values be passed on the command line?

You mean you still see this dialog, right?

To get rid of this dialog another property is necessary.
The one which is set by the checkbox.

Try adding


to the

it should be possible to specify these properties also on the command line. Like this.


But while looking at this I noticed this part of the code needs some attention.
It doesn’t work in all cases as it should. So maybe I can update it for the next release.

I’ve created an issue for this: SNAP-1338

Actually the property

needs to be added to


on Windows. On Linux this file is located at


if I remember correctly.

Sorry, this is a bit messy. Several requirements had to be considered here and it got bit confusing.