SNAP silent install and updates question

We are using Microsoft MDT to create and push images to our school labs, and to push silent installs of applications during deployment. I am able to get SNAP toolboxes (the all in 1 download) to install silently just fine, but when I launch it, it says that it has 9 updates and I have the option to install or ignore it. I just downloaded the ‘latest’ installer this morning, 5.0.0. Is there a way to push the latest updates to the computer silently? Or configure the application to autoupdate itself with no interaction on startup? Or just tell it to not even look for updates? Thanks for your help!

You could update the modules regularly by following the instructions on this wiki page

Disabling the update can be achieved by settings two properties:


must be added into the etc/snap.conf file to the default_options parameter. This is the update you are referring to.
There is a second update check. This checks only for new major releases (e.g. 6.0) and displays a notification.


This property must be added to the etc/ file

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What are the steps to update SNAP to version 6.0 (given i have version 5 installed)?

There is no automated update process from one major version to the other.

First, download SNAP 6 (why not SNAP 7?)
Then, uninstall SNAP 5 and install the new SNAP version.

I wonder, did users of older versions of SNAP receive a notice that 7.0 was available?