How to download sentinel 3 products over a specific geographic area of interest?

Is filename of Sentinel 3 OLCI and SLSTR products useful for downloading the respective products on a daily basis?
I guess filtering based on filename is one of the ways to download the sentinel 3 products using a python script using Sentinel API.
Is there a way to download the products based on geographic extents?
I have referred the naming convention article (, which mentions file naming convention( MMM_SL_L_TTTTTT_yyyymmddThhmmss_YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS_YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS_[instance ID]GGG[class ID].SEN3).
I see that Relative orbit number and Frame along track coordinates in [instance ID] incase of instrument data products disseminated in “frames”, are key to identify the location of the satellite imagery over the Earth. But I am not able to pinpoint the logic being used.
Is there any kml file that can give me details of such sort.
Kindly provide support in achieving my objective to download sentinel 3 products over a specific geographic area of interest.

For downloading data you can use APIs
like Sentinelsat — Sentinelsat 0.13 documentation.
Also, on the SciHub page an API is listed which can be used.
Unfortunately, SciHub is currently down for maintenance. As soon it is back you should be able to find it there.
Those APIs provide the feature to search by multiple attributes.


So, can we download the sentinel 3 products using geographical extents?
And is there is a way to identify the geographic footprint of the sentinel 3 product based
on the “relative orbit number” and “frame along track coordinates”?