How to draw a Correlative Plot

Dear all,
I have tried all possible ways to Draw a Correlative Plot, but I failed every time to draw it as I am a basic user.
Kindly write the processes after terrain corrected Displacement Map for Correlative Plot each and single click. even I don’t know how to export data that helps for drawing Correlative Plot.
It will help all other users as well.
Thank you.

A description on how to use it is in this tutorial: SAR Polarimetry and Analyses

Please describe at which point you struggle, what point data you use and what you want to plot.

I tried to find the way to generate the point data (the data that use in correlative plot) but I didn’t succeed, using polygon. Honestly I don’t know for what this correlative plot is?
Kindly explain.

you use it if you have point data with values (e.g. from a field survey or a GIS dataset) and you want to compare these values to raster values of your product in SNAP.

What point data do you have?