How to export KMZ with image cross -180/180?

I can not product the kmz for

Read > Calibration > Terrain Correction > geotiff > kmz

This is Ross Sea.

Two things I notice:

  1. You don’t need the export to geotiff step, you can directly use the output of the terrain correction module
  2. You need WGS84 as a coordinate reference system when you want to export as a kmz.

Thanks for reply, can you tell me from step 1 to kmz with condition
data in dB and threshold from -26dB to -4dB.

  1. Thermal noise removal
  2. (Apply Orbit file)
  3. Calibration to Sigma0
  4. Range Doppler Terrain Correction
  5. Conversion to db
  6. Export to KMZ

please also see here:

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Just for curiosity, why thermal noise removal in this case?

just to go sure to be honest :slight_smile:
Don’t know if it’s really necessary but if he is using data in EW (extra wide) mode I could imagine that there are some unwanted patterns.

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I am not successful with step Export to KMZ. I am waiting more than 4 hrs, but still running.

try it for a subset first.