How to export processed interferograms

I want to export the interference stack obtained after snap processing to a more common image format, in other words to export the previous step of exporting to StaMPS format, so that I can read it programmatically and use it for other processing, how do I go about doing that?

Have you seen Export of products from SNAP (PDF)?

Many common image formats (PNG, GeoTIFF) do not preserve metadata. When providing images to other users, this often results in lengthy email exchanges asking for missing metadata.

The BEAM-DIMAP format actually stores images in the very widely supported .img format, with “global” metadata in the .dim file and .hdr files, so may already meet your requirements. One disadvantage is that.img files are not compressed.

The NetCDF4-CF format can provide internal compression and a widely used metadata convention. There are tools that can apply NetCDF internal compression to existing files. Many applications now support NetCDF4-CF data, but many only support a few of the available compression methods and some do not handle files that use a hierarchical (non-flat) structure. These limitations are being addressed as applications are updated.