How to extract complete geo-coordination from S1 GRD file?

Dear all,
I need to extract geo-coordination(lat,lon) and incidence angle from the S1 GRD file , which has 25670x16736 pixels, but after I exported the file into h5 file, and read into the dataset of '/tie-grid points/latitude ’ or '/tie-grid points/incidence_angle ', there is only part of them, 21x10 data?

Could you give some suggestions on how to extract the complete tie-grid points? Thank you very much!

@ABraun Could you please give some advice? Many thanks!

I am not experienced with HDF files but I could imagine that the tie-point-grids are just calculated based on few values. You can try to make a raster band out of them in the band maths. Make sure to unckeck ‘virtual band’ and save the product afterwards.

Thank you for your timely reply!