How to extract different polarizations using Big Tiff?

I am trying to extract lineaments using sentinel images using in SNAP. I want to make it as a Geotiff image. So I am using the Big tiff format to preserve the spatial reference so that I can run the image in another platform. I highlighted the Sigma VH in the product explorer and exported to Big tiff. My question is, if I export like this will it preserve both bands VH and VV in the image? When I checked the data the metadata contains only one band. I need to confirm regarding it.
Please help

I don’t think it will. Like you said you’ve exported the selected Sigma_VH band so that is the only one that will go to BigTiff

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Ok Evans. The final image size is around 10gb, so now I think I can go ahead with VV big tiff export. While opening the VH big tiff in arcmap I saw 4 bands. That is why I got confused.