How to extract wind velocity from a image of sentinel-1 and export it as .txt file?


Actually I’m trying to generate wind direction and velocity using sentinel-1 images. But I’m having some problems: after processing the image, using SNAP, I have been obtained this kind of image (see file attached). In this image appears wind direction (with ambiguity) and velocity in m/s.

When I tried to export these parameters those that are exported are in the .txt file attached.export_wind_field_estimation_TRANSECT_sentinel.txt (152.5 KB)

My questions are:
1 - How to eliminate the ambiguity in order to obtain the wind direction?;
2 - How to extract the wind velocity from these image and export it as a .txt file?

There is an xml file generated in the userhome/.snap/var folder.

Have you tried looking at the S1 Level2 OCN wind products available on SciHub?

@lveci Thank you so much!

You can only eliminate the wind-direction ambiguity by using external data, for example a weather forecast.

@mengdahl Yes, I’m doing this. Thanks.