How to generate two bands at a time in bandmath

I have a product that contains both VV and VH polarization,and I want to generate a product with four bands including VV-VH, VV/VH, VV, and VH via graphbuilder.Maybe I’m not very good at operation, I can only generate VV-VH or VV/VH at a time.

After creating the bands you can use a BandMerge to combine all bands. Then you can write it.

I have already tried,but I also encountered a new problem :how to merge the different band of two products (E.g one is VV,another is VH)into a new product.and I also hope to batch processing.

just as marpet explained: Connect all inputs with the band merge. I called the upper one ‘difference’ and the lower one ‘ratio’.
You shouldn’t use ‘/’ in the raster math as a band name, it is an invalid character for a raster name.

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Thanks, the problem was solved