How to get sentinel-1's incident angle, incident azimuth, radiation angle and radiation azimuth

How to get sentinel-1’s incident angle, incident azimuth angle, radiation angle and radiation azimuth angle.
I want to know their exact value or range.

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You can search the metadata for names and values. The exact names may differ between the satellites.

Thanks for your reply.
In the metadata I only found the value of the incidence angle,reference incidence angle(99.99) and reference slant angle(99.99).I do not know if they are just a different name or a completely different perspective.

Open a S-1 product , right click on “Original_Product_Metadata” and select “Search Metadata”, in the “Search Metadata” window type in “angle” and click on OK. You will see all kinds of angles.


hi How to find the background noise of sentinel (NESZ)

Should what you said be in the snap? Is it possible to take a screenshot?