How to install SEN-ET - Could not resolve dependency

Hi there,

I am a new user to SEN-ET, so just getting to grips with it. I have seen there are multiple repositories associated with SEN-ET, mainly:

  1. senETSnapSta
  2. sen-et-snap-scripts

There is also the SNAP Plugin zip on the SEN-ET page, but this only includes the “Tools” and no “Graphs” for the Graph Builder.

I have decided to use senETSnapSta as it contains the “Tools” and the “Graphs”. I follow the instructions for the build which are:

git clone senETSnapSta
cd senETSnapSta
mvn clean pacakge

Upon the maven clean package command, I get the error

Failed to execute goal on project aerodynamicRoughness: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.esa.s2tbx.s2tbxStaAdapters:aerodynamicRoughness:nbm:1.0.1: The following artifacts could not be resolved: org.esa.snap:snap-sta:jar:7.0.0 (absent), org.esa.snap:snap-sta-ui:jar:7.0.0 (absent), org.esa.snap:snap-rcp:jar:7.0.0 (absent): org.esa.snap:snap-sta:jar:7.0.0 was not found in Central Repository: during a previous attempt. This failure was cached in the local repository and resolution is not reattempted until the update interval of central has elapsed or updates are forced → [Help 1]

I am guessing there is a .jar file that is no longer in the Maven repo used for the install.

So my question is, how are people installing SEN-ET? Are they building it this way, or using a completely different method, using a different GitHub repo? I’d be really grateful for any advice.


Note that you are pointing to stuff released 4 years ago at the time of Snap 7. I doubt you can use that without changes. In the meantime, the target Java version also changed from 8 to 11, and toolboxes changed names. I would try with Snap version 9, which at least retains old plugin names.

Thanks for the reply, I am using SNAP V9

Using the SNAP Plugin zip, the operators will also be available in the Graph Builder, under Tools:

Thanks Diana, do you have a recommended way of installing SEN-ET?

You can install it using SNAP Plugin Installer:

  1. Download the SNAP Plugins zip from the SEN-ET page and unzip it.
  2. Launch SNAP, go to ToolsPluginsDownloaded and click Add Plugins…
  3. Select all downloaded nbm files and click Open
  4. Click Install