How to obtain chlorophyll a values from the product named: OL_LFR

I am a beginner in the use of Snap.
I would like to analyze the ocean color product named: OL_LFR. I followed in a course the different steps to process the products named _EFR but there was no explanation for the _LFR products.
Could you please tell me or send me screenshots of the different steps on SNAP so that I can process the products : _LFR ?

Thank you very much for your help.


(For example, for the processing of products named S3A_OL_1_EFR, I do the following steps: Create RGB image (Band 8, 6, 4 respectively). Raster-> subset-> modify Pixel coordinates and save the subset.Then Optical ->Thematic water processing → C2RCC Processors → OLCI. Bands: conc_chl → Import color palette cc_chl.cpdThen Mask managerThen Raster → Export → Pixel info to Clipboardand I get the concentration of chlorophyll a in the Gps point of interest)


The LFR products are not intended for use over water. They provide only data over land.
Land Products - Sentinel Online (

The WFR products you are actually interested in.
Ocean Products - Sentinel Online (

They provide already two chlorophyl variables. The chl_oc4me and the chl_nn
Tha data produced for chl_nn uses the same neural net as the C2RCC processor for OLCI

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