How to open bundle product of Landsat 8 downloaded from USGS and apply the product to c2rcc

hello everyone,
I am a master’s student in remote sensing and working on using Landsat 8 images for water quality with C2RCC.
I have downloaded Landsat 8 bundle product (.tar format) from USGS and trying to open it snap in SNAP but an error is coming i will attach the error image below. so I have stacked the band using ERDAS and saved it in “.tiff” format but I am unable to use this product for a run with C2RCC it is showing an error saying the “coastal_arousal is required”.
please help with guiding how to ope the bundle files in SNAP toolbox and how to stack the bands into a single image and how to use for C2RCC.
Thank you in advance.

Please include the product level you downloaded:

Currently, only Collection 1 Level 1 data are supported by SNAP.

C2RCC needs Level-1 data from Collection 1.
A tar archive is not supported in SNAP. The data might be readable if it is first unpacked.

i am using landsat collection 2 level-1 data

okay, sir will once try using unpacked files.

Collection 2 is currently not yet supported. But it is in the pipeline.

can I use Landsat collection 2 level -1 from the image above, will it work?.

ok, can you please guide me with which data should i need to download for C2RCC from the give option in below image . can how to get a bundle of collection -1 data?

The last option, the GeoTiff Data Product, is the right one

ok sir. Thank you.