How to open multiple bands of Landsat 5 TM into one dataset

Hey everyone,

I wonder how you can properly open a Landsat 5 scene into SNAP. If I try Import -> Optical -> Landsat 5, it asks for .dat or .zip (both are not contained in my Earthexplorer download). If I perform a regular open and select all 7 bands, they are all loaded into different data sets, so I cannot even create an RGB image. What do I do wrong?

In LeoWorks the menu item was called “Open multiple files as single dataset”, is there something similar in SNAP?

This one is only for the old FAST format.
It’s better to use
Import -> Optical -> Landsat (GeoTiff)
If you have unpacked your download you will find a *_MTL.txt file in it. Choose this one to open the product

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Works just fine - thank you!

This works for the level 1 but what to do if you have a level 2 image?

Level 2 landsat images are not supported at all.