How to prepare Sentinel-1 images stack for PSI/SBAS in SNAP 5


Hi @gabrielaquintana77

I have found in this two documents that you have to do Deburst after the Interferogram formation.

It is also suggested to do before ifg and you can do it unless you don’t get any error message.


Thanks @bayzidul, I am now following your steps!!!


Hi @bayzidul

I did the steps: Split— Orbit, all images to Backgeocoding stack, ifg— subset, but when was for to apply topographic phase removal I had the next message :confounded:


Dear all
I have edited all the steps and this is more clear now.
Thanks to all




Hi @bayzidul

I did the steps from your tutorial, but when I go export for StaMPS I have an error: Input requires coresgistered and interferogram

Please you can help me with this

Thanks for advance


Hi @gabrielaquintana77

I have never tried this way, but you have to export pair by pair. For instance, add Master_stack1_deb and Master_stack1_ifg_deb_dinsar to export stamps. Each time you will have 4 directories and here you can follow these steps.

Export to StaMPS the two files:

  1. master_Stack1_Deb1 AND master_Stack1 ifg1_Deb1_dinsar1
  2. StaMPS Export will generate four directories for easc pair (/diff0, /geo, /dem, /rslc)
    NOTE: StampsExport for all the pairs and then copy results in the final directories (/diff0 and /rslc), no need to copy every time for (/geo, /dem), is same for all pairs and will be ok if you do it once. At the end, you have to prepare only four (/diff0, /geo, /dem, /rslc) directories including all file from your all pairs.
  3. To have PS geocoded add (Lon & Lat) bands to the result of 5 (master_Stack_Deb) [do it only for one pair] and copy this two file and place into /geo directory
    NOTE: (Right click -band maths, then edit expressions, select lon from constants (lat in the second time). It will add Lat and Lon band in your master_Stack_Deb data and then Export it to GAMMA format. Now rename the lon and lat file as 20150118.lon and (20150118 is the date of your master data), copy this two file and place into /geo directory.

Then next steps…


Hi @bayzidul thanks for the fast reply, now I have the following error, thanks again for your support!!!


Hi Katherine,

Many thanks for sharing your experience. It helped me a lot but one thing is still not clear to me, which is the format of the *.lon and *.lat files. Can you please tell me what is the format of the binary file?

Thank you


Hello all;

Any one knows what is the binary format of the *.lon and *.lat files?

Thank you.


As far as I understood it, you just use the export to Gamma format.


Thank you for your comment ABraun;
In fact I am not using SNAP. Just wanted to know the format of these files. However you draw my attention to install SNAP and try to know the format from there.


I just presumed that because this is the SNAP forum :slight_smile:


I think the type of the file is LAT file and LON file but in linux I found it is .rslc format.


Dear Katherine,

I follow your step,
but I cannot proceed StaMPS export

I used 10 Sentinel-1A images, and procceed two images separately into each folder. Deburst, subset of ifg and dinsar(+elev band) into each folder.

Then I called back each file in each folder to apply StaMPS export but Snap said not registered and inferogram

Thank you


@jefriza, for Stamps export, you must use (for example for your subset 4) only the single pair “_deb” and “_deb_ifg_dinsar” .
So you must do 9 different export for 9 subset.


Thank you annamaria,

I will try


How about this @annamaria

Thank you


In my experience, this appears with snap 5.0 when ifg have different names respect deb coregistrated images. Which version do you use?
You might read all post in this topic: i remember that same issue appears to other members.


I am still use 5.0, not upgrade yet