How to prepare Sentinel-1 images stack for PSI/SBAS in SNAP

I think the error is about bash and tcsh,how to convet bash to tcsh?

I do this step as follow:
(1)edit the StaMPS_CONFIG.bash,add the path of STAMPS、snaphu and triangle,the picture
like this:
(2)then i add the source /cygdrive/d/studysoftware/StaMPS-4.1-beta/StaMPS_CONFIG.bash in cygwin .bashrc file like this:

can you check the step i did,and any mistakes in this step?
at last ,i open cygwin64 and turn to my data folder and excute mt_prep_gamma like this:
but when i excute the command by add bash to it like this:
it seems that the mt_prep_gamma files exit error in line 56、170
if you have not meet the problem ,I have no problem untill no but to convet to unix system and when i trun to unix,may i install a unix version matlab? and compile stamps another one

I have pass the first step (mt_prep_gamma)in ubuntu,
and what should i do next about ps_initial_gamma?

Good that you switched to Linux - solves many unnecessary problems.

Now open matlab, switch to the directory of the exported files and proceed as described in the manual, chapter 6:

Basically, enter stamps(1,1), stamps(2,2) and so on to run the separate steps described in the manual. Keep track of the results and what is written there.

A more detailled tutorial is given here:

and the Manual express really difficult,another problem,there are many version of mt_prep_gamma and ps_initial_gamma files, i dont know which to choose,can you share your file with me

this is the one to use:

They were originally provided by katherine here: Workflow between SNAP and StaMPS

Please understand that we are no teachers. SNAP, StaMPS and all resources are provided for free and with sufficient documentation. If you decide to use them, you need to bring some time to understand it. If you struggle at a certain point, feel free to ask. But we won’t provide private lessons to anyone starting from scratch.

thanks a lot,i will try tomorrow

thank you very much, I am a newby about Stamps,and cannot understand the file you provide for me.

did you read the provided source at all?

i means i dont understand the content of the program,and just do step by step

Dear ABraun:
I have finished the PS selection for PATCH_1 in my data folder,and what should
I do next?
repeat the same operate for other PATCH(i have four Patches fromPATCH_1 to PATCH_4),i want to know whether the PS selection for other pathes should be done once again like Patch_1 or not need to be done again

no, matlab can handle this file structure. You simply start matlab, move to the directory with the data created by mt_prep_gamma and type getparm, for example.

becasue i have 4 PATCHes in my data folder,I have finished step1-step5 in each individual patch?i dont know how to merge all pathes.

do you even read the manual?


Step 5 is the merging of all patches… So please do not run step 5 inside each PATCH folder.

Combined MTI processing is for merging PSI with SBAS results, which I think it is not the same.

But please @zhuhaxixiong, I agree with @ABraun, had you read any manual before trying anything?
It is fundamental to understand what you should do, always, so you can have some autonomy on the things you are trying to do.

I hope you manage to solve your problems and you manage to process what you need.
Good luck!

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you are right. I wanted to point out to this because it is mentioned here (not very clear to be honest) that patches are merged after Step 5. A bit misleading from my side, sorry about that.

but I had done step 5 in each pathes folder,what should i do next?

you should run it on the INSAR_XXXX folder.

Please run step 5 onwards there and let us know

ok,you means that what I had done(done step 5 in each patch folder) doesnt influence the result?

No. I have not said that.

Please follow StaMPS user manual.