How to prepare Sentinel-1 images stack for PSI/SBAS in SNAP

you means i should do step 1-4 for each patches and then do step 5 in data folder(which the patches are in)

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hi thho,
I couldn’t find summary from this link “To read the summary, download the .html here and open it in your browser”
Please post it

Dear Friends,
I have (12 Images of 2018 with temporal difference 12days) , (12 Images of 2017 with temporal difference 12days)and (6 Images of 2016 with temporal difference 24days) of ascending pass covering AOI in same swath.
Please help how to choose Master?
Should i Fix three masters one each year or a single master for PSI stamps processing?

12 images are not yet enough for PS InSAR. mengdahl suggests a stack with > 20 images:

Currently, SNAP supports only one single master to be used in StaMPS.

Images are 30 in total if one master is required.

sorry, I misunderstood you. Yes, 30 are enough. You can use the ASF baseline tool to identify the most suitable master for your images:

I had best experiences by firrst searching one of your used images in ASF Vertex:
Once you have the list of results, you can click on “View Baseline” for one of your images at the correct footprint/granule and then you will be redirected to the ASF Baseline tool which already lists all Sentinel-1 images within this footprint. Then you simply have to adjust the temporal span and click on one of the images which is most centered in your graph.


Hi @virk_rana, what is the error about? What had you done to get the error? I hope you know I am not a SNAP developer, but still I will try to do my best

i mean ifg

How had you generated this product?

using snap.
32 images. generated backgeocoded stack the deb anf ifg

Had you verified if your processing had giving you any warning or error messages ??

Had you tried to do it following any manual? Normally this should help.

followed snap-stamps flow by Katerine

no its the first error. other earlier generated products were verified visually.

Maybe you got any “No space disk on device” and this product is empty?

I am not aware of Katherine workflow, so better you ask her directly.
I can help you to verify the basics, besides I am not SNAP developer …

Ok thanks a lot…

If you would not manage to solve the problem, you may like to try this other workflow: Snap2stamps package: a free tool to automate the SNAP-StaMPS Workflow which I have developed and I would probably be able to help in case that something would not work.

But still, my advice is that if you have started with Katherine’s workflow, try to figure out the issue you got, otherwise you may start again from scratch.

surely i will update you my progress and try this software too.

Hello mam,
Please help me in StaMPS processing…
I have followed your SNAP-Stamps workflow.
I have created subset_master_stack_deb its its fine. results are satisfactory in Image view.
then i did interferogram formation and got subset_master_stack_deb_ifg, but the coherence,phase bands are not opening giving error;
failed to open image view

Dear mdelgado,
I have downloaded your package. But the problem is ; i have been working on a virtual machine and don’t know how to install it.
Could it be installed through terminal?

The only requirements are to have SNAP v6.0 (or higher) and to install the pathlib package (if not present already). The rest of python scripts are ready to go.
Good luck and enjoy!