How to prepare Sentinel-1 images stack for PSI/SBAS in SNAP

As @Gijs mentioned the script will as below,

Read the manual of Stamps 4.1b to get the meaning of each parameter,

This is a linux script run outside matlab in the shell

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Thank you @Gijs

I dint start yet with the step by step processing yet as i was struck up in the installation and configuration itself… However your suggestions are much helpful which i am about to carry out in the near future. Moreover the area of my process is also a larger one… I think i would get to you sooner to know more about the patches…

Looking forward to carry out the PS processing successfully… And am sure it cant be done without the help of you wonderful people…

thank you @falahfakhri… Will take note of it…

@thho @mdelgado

Hi Thorsten and Jose, I found this Toolbox for Reducing Atmospheric InSAR Noise I think it is important to add up, but I didn’t quite understand from the manual how to add up to the other softwares in Linux, would you please to take a look, and in which installation step should be added up, aftermath install all for example the last one or it doesn’t matter?

Thanks a lot.

I found other easy way to view time series of any point, using Orange (could be used in case of data visualization out of the QGIS, or Arcgis) after exporting the *csv file from stamps. I shared a very simple example below,

TRAIN was made to work with StaMPS as an optional package see StaMPS manual 2.3.2 the configuration is explained in the TRAIN manual pages 6 pp. The package can be added to the StaMPS installation any time by running the APS_CONFIG.* file in your shell, as it is described in the TRAIN manual. Google’s MAINSAR group is the place where I found the most helpful information about the package handling, I would recommend to read some posts there for a start.


In the case where no reference point is provided, the manual indicates “If not set, the reference value is the mean value for the whole area.”
I would like to ask the “mean value of whole area” refers to each point to compare with its own mean value(PS point own mean value), or the total average of all PS points together(whole area to one value)?

Thanks for your help

@JAMIE if you refer to the displacement velocity, the reference mean value is calculated by averaging all values in your dataset. I think that is what you said with

I have this problem,too.
What should I do?

could you refer to the problem you are asking about?

I want to detrmine horizental displacements in snap, but when I want to create stack, it told me " [Nodeld: 2-create stack] S1 TOPS SLC products should use TOPS Coregistration. "
What should I do?

I think SNAP doesn’t support E-W displacements detection, But let’s ask our colleague @ABraun is it possible to determine a time series of single interferograms (A+B, C+D, E+F,…) of an area of landslide for example and later on get the E-W displacement by apply something similar to offset tracking?

S-1-IW, TOPS cor-registration should be applied,

Would you please to clarify, what do you intend to do?

In this case we could help more, an important thing please try to use the search before posting your demand

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hi please if you solved the problem can you share the solution with me i have the same error msg and thank you for your time

Hello sir, i can not get the csv file when i run the script i just have the main selection for selecting a point or two and the disc will show up afterwards.
thank you for your precious time

hi @houda,

please have a look at the manual page of the Visualizer app, everything concerning how to create the needed ts plot and which matlab code to use for which stamps version is explained in detail. If there are still problems, let me know in this thread about the visualizer and with detailed information.

Hi, Im running the snap2stamps tool and I got 2 errors.
First: the tool works well (I think) but always I got the following error:

And second, I cant run the preparation for StaMPS mt_prep_snap:

I dont know how to solve it, thanks in advanced.

with the first error i cant help you but with the second i can:

first, did you source the stamps config file?
then 2nd step is: you should run mt_prep_snap from your INSAR_masterdate folder.

so type
cd /home/david/data/insar_masterdate
and then run
mt_prep_snap masterdate full/path/to/INSAR_masterdate Da patch_az patch_range overlap_1 overlap_2

i should recommend you to use a Da between 0.4 and 0.42 as recommended in the StaMPS manual.

Thanks, after source the stamps config file, I still can’t run the tool mt_prep_snap. Paths are fine. I dont know what to do.

the error tells you the exact path after bash: does not exist, are you sure this path does exist?
i think you maybe made a mistake in the paths of your stamps config file.

here is my github where you should find tips for installation:

its not yet finished but will help you probably


Concerning python any other version rather than one of both Python 2.7 and Python 3.0 (conda), dosen’t help,