How to process a S1 image

hello guys, am new to using satellite data. I was wondering if I have to do any processing such as filtering, geocoding, and the like after downloading a data from the sentinel data hub. In summary do I need to do any pre-processing before using the data. I am actually working on the fusion of sentinel-1/2 data to detect illegal mining. thank you.

Well, you seem kind of new. In this case, it’s better to use the search button to see if you’re the only only one this question. And you’re not. It’s important to avoid “flooding” the forum with very common request

However, some tips/resources from me :
Here are the tutorials :

But more important, don’t forget the related theory :

You have tons of tutorials/recipes/materials available online.

Here’s a very good lesson for beginners, though the intro is twice too long :

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If you are just using S1 as an ‘image’, get the GRDs and just terrain correct them before fusing with S2.
If you’d like to try something more advanced, research a bit on coherent change detection. Get a close pair of SLC products (S1A and S1B 6 days apart) and apply precise orbits, dem assisted coregistration and then coherence. You’ll be able to see small changes between the pairs.

thank you a lot. i will go through it no matter how lengthy it is. I really appreciate it

this seems quite complicated. I am a novice actually when it comes to this one. could you please provide me with some link as to how i would correct the terrain. thanks for your response. this means a lot to me