How to process sentinel2 using sen2cor

Hi all,
I have installed sen2cor successfully. but when i process the sentinel2 data, there are some problems i can’t solve as follows.

can anyone tell me how to solve it?

a solution was proposed here:

You mean just delete them all, and click" run"again?

I never tried it but that’s how I understand it, too. Could be worth a try.

I have tried it unfortunely it was failed. The solution didn’t work.

what was the outcome?
Did you get an error message? The same as above?

It is hard to help with few information.

can you tell me how to cut the full picture into several small parts?i can’t find it . I guess the data is too large

lveci has explained it quite nicely in another topic:

I have been tried it as above. But it seems i have to resample as follow. Is it something wrong?

No everything is correct. The bands have different resolution (10m, 20m, 60m) and need to have only one before the subsetting. With the different size it is difficutl to cut out the same rregion of each band. So you have to resample before.
This will be improved in a future release of SNAP.
Choose from the menu Raster --> Geometric Operations --> Resampling.

After I used sen2cor with 20m resolution (L2A_Process C:\S2A\original\S2A_OPER_PRD_*.SAFE --resolution=20), why I need to resample again to subset the image?


Sen2Cor leaves the angles bands unaltered. They have resolutions different from spectral bands. Therefore, even if your L2A S2 spectral bands have now the same resolution (20m), the product is seen as multi-sized. Applying a resampling at 20m on this L2A product will not take long, since only the angles bands will be resampled.

Thanks for your reply.

I need to solve the problem,do you have QQ?

Setting environment variables on the command line and run L2A (here), I stopped having issues in the data processing.
I hope it works also for you,

Thank you, i will have a try. When you update anaconda and install sen2cor,where do you input the code? cmd or anaconda prompt? could you please tell me?