How to put together Sentinel 2 and 3 satellite images

I have two images of an area of Sentinel 2 and 3 with a number of polygons in one area. polygon Area and Sentinel 2 satellite image overlap but these two files do not overlap Sentinel 3 satellite images, how can I put these three files together? Thank you for guiding me

I think you should re-project S3 to the same projection of S2 and then the layers will be coincided each other. But put in mind they have different resolution.

If you use SNAP, you can collocate with images and overlay the later the polygons.

Hi @falahfakhri, i do it but error message

The message error is related to many causes (the properties of the machine, … ), but try up the suggestions of @abruescas

Hi @abruescas , i do it but error message

i do it but get error message again!! resampling

Please try up to re-sample the S2 tile to one resolution you’d prefer and then apply the collocate again.