How to run biomass estimation using PolSARpro biomass edition

Hey guys, I’m facing problem here. I’m expecting to estimate forest biomass using PolSARpro biomass edition, but the GUI is quite complicated for me who is used to with SNAP, yeah I know this is a beta version. So if you ever did forest biomass estimation using this software please share me your experiences, as well as the Pol-TomoSAR processing cause this one is really interesting to explore.


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I have tested the TomoSAR approach here but the kz file was missing so I could not proceed.

Hai ABraun. I’m wondering the basic theory for users to decide which value (sigma naught, gamma naught, beta naught) that we can use to estimate the AGB. Even in a tutorial provided by servirglobalch5_trainingmodule.pdf (3.1 MB) they use the gamma power backscatter to represent the AGB value. Could you share it so we can have good undestanding regarding this case.

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