How to save complex bands (IQ) from SNAP


So, I have a Sentinel-1 SLC product with 3 subswaths. I process the separate swaths on SNAP (split>orb its>calibration>deburst) and locate my targets, which I do so by importing pins from an XML files where the lat/lon are provided. I get the bands i_IW1_VV and q_IW1_VV, and I want to save them in a way that I can process them as maybe .tif images, or a .tif image with 2 dimensions, to be able to crop them and display them on matlab, ultimately as a complex image.

So far I am getting files for the real and imaginary parts as ‘disc image files’ but no luck opening them on matlab without them showing estrange character looking like the file is corrupted.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thank you all!

I expect that means .img files in a BEAM DIMAP directory tree. You should have a matching .hdr file. These are ENVI image files. If you
have the Matlab Image Processing Toolbox™ Hyperspectral Imaging Library. you should be able to read the two files with Matlab and then construct the complex array. See read .hdr metadata in Matlab using envinfo,