How to save mask as tif with thresholding?


I have Sentinel-1 image product (Mask – log ratio change). I would like to apply a threshold to this file to obtain a result with values 0 and 255 and save it as a TIFF file.
Thresholding values for the Mask file are between -2 and 2 is 0 all other is 255.
if log_ratio_change <= 2 && log_ratio_change >= 2 then 0.0 else 255.0
I am trying to use graph builder to create this process because I would like to automate this process for larger set of data.
I have undefined error and can’t save it.

Thanks for help.

maybe the graph is not able to address the mask (log_ratio_change) correctly.
have you tried turning it into a raster (listed under Bands) first?