How to save only the band created by bandmaths expression

hello everyone . actually i want to save the bandmaths output only the band created using expression please help

i only want to save band 11 as tiff

Un-check “Create Virtual Band“ in the Band Maths, then create the band and lastly save the product in BEAM DIMAP format. Then you can use “create subset from view“ to have a new product with only band 11 which can then be exported as GeoTiff. Probably also possible with less steps using a graph.

Just to go sure: do you really need GeoTiff? For many applications img from BEAM DIMAP is sufficient. Export of products from SNAP

thank you sir it worked yes sir i need a geotiff file as i want to make map layout of the flooded area

You can use BEAM DIMAP products in any GIS without conversion to GeoTiff.

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