How to set up account credential in SNAP

Dear all,
sorry for my ignorance but I am pretty new to all the Satellite data world.
I am trying to set up SNAP (last online available version) to connect to the Scientific Data Hub, but I can not understand what credentials should I insert in the Tools → Options → Product Library.

Can someone help me identifying which Username and Pass should I enter?
In the SDH there are the UserID and the AccountID and the password is the one of my profile? or what should I use? the email address for the user and which password?

Sorry again for bothering.

Thanks for any help



Username and password are the same as you would use to login to the SciHub webpage. So, yes, the same of your profile.

Thanks @marpet, I tried to insert my email address and the password I use to login the SciHub but still it doesn’ work.
In the log file there is this message:
SEVERE [org.esa.snap.product.library.ui.v2.thread.AbstractRunnable]: Failed to retrieve the product list from ‘Scientific Data Hub’.

ro.cs.tao.datasource.QueryException: The supplied credentials are invalid!

The information provided are these:

and if I login into SciHub I use the same:

I can not find where the problem can be…

Sorry again and thanks for the help!


You are using your credentials for Sentinelhub. This is not the Scientific Data Hub.
Sentinelhub is not supported.
The Scientific Data Hub can be found at Open Access Hub (

Sorry and thanks again for the time you dedicated to me… sorry for my mistakes…

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