How to setup StaMPS configuration file

Hello Dear friends.
I have all the SNAP 8, matlab2018a, Snaphu, Triangle-bin, Python 3.6.9 installed on Ubuntu 18. and I use the same user-name for both Ubuntu and Matlab.
I have installed Snaphu and triangle by these commands below:
for snaphu;
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install snaphu
for triangle:
sudo apt-get install triangle-bin

also, I have installed packages below correctly using,
sudo apt-get install gawk
sudo apt-get install tcsh
sudo apt-get install Matlab-support
sudo apt-get make
sudo apt-get build-essential g++
finally, I have installed StaMPS using make and make install in the terminal.

To set upping configure file, I have defined the StaMPS path to the Config file. But I can not find any installation path for Triangle and snaphu, and I do not know how to define the Matlab path for the configuration file?!

you don’t need to modify MATLABPATH because it already points to the matlab subfolder of your StaMPS directory. Once you source this configuration file, your shell knows where the matlab scripts are located.

thanks, Dear @ABraun
And how about Triangle and Snaphu?
I tried to find the installation path (bin folder) using
dpkg --listfiles [python/traingle]
but no directory was found for the bin folder.

use this below command

locate snaphu
locate triangle

It will give the path

And so on.

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Dear @suribabu
First of all, thanks for your reply.
I tried this, but I still can not see any path for bin folder
I see the same result I shared as the screenshot.

I did not install them from any downloaded source.
I directly used
for snaphu;
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install snaphu
for triangle:
sudo apt-get install triangle-bin

Yes you are correct. Actually in my case I installed each and everything in root so that no need to set any path in stamps.

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Thanks again Dear @suribabu I will try it.

which one do you mean?

What is displayed when you type

whereis snaphu
whereis triangle
whereis matlab

thanks again for your reply:
I am looking for “snaphu/bin” and “traingle/bin”
I tried whereis for each one. I still can not find bin folder for snaphu and traingle!
here is a screenshot that shows the result…

No need to find the bin folder, the first directory which is listed points to the executable files of snaphu and triangle. These are the directories you insert in the configuration file.

The example configuration file refers to installations of these packages where the executable files were placed in the bin folders because the scripts were compiled manually. If you install them with apt-get this folder structure is different.


Ok. Thanks Dear @ABraun I will try it too.

Hello @Mnaseri91 have you been able to solve your problem?

I have tried to solve it using windows and when I used the whereis command the results are very similar to yours.

You could share a view of the StaMPS.CONFIG file

I have some doubts if I am really configured correctly StaMPS.CONFIG file

Hello Abraun, as Mr Mnaseri91 did, I installed all this commands using sudo:
sudo apt-get install snaphu
sudo apt-get install triangle-bin
And I was about to modify the StaMPS_CONFIG.bash file but as you said its not necessary if i did sudo? If so, the file while be modify like this or not? Hope you can help me with this question.

the config file must be modified according to the installation paths manually, regardless of using sudo

sorry to bother,how about the difference between ‘triangle-bin’ in ‘sudo apt-get install triangle-bin’ and ‘TRIANGLE_BIN’ in ‘StaMPS.CONFIG’ file

the lower case calls the package name to be installed and the upper case one defines a variable which contains the installation directory so StaMPS can find it.

thanks for your attention.another question: we call the package name regarding to “triangle” ,also,the installation name .but this moment is about “triangle-bin” when processing installation(sudo apt-get install triangle-bin),any other indication?

it is called triangle-bin for the installation command, because triangle is already occupied by another software. So you install it as triangle-bin but call it with triangle.