How to uninstall sen2cor2.2.1 fully on window7?

HI all,
how to uninstall sen2cor2.2.1 and anaconda2 completely?I have been installed sen2cor2.2.1, snap4 and anaconda2 on window 7. but it is not successful.Can anyone tell me how to remove them completely?

if you just want to remove sen2cor enter
pip uninstall sen2cor
into your command line.
You can also remove it from the external tools in SNAP.

Anaconda2 can be uninstalled as any other software in your systems’ settings.

can it be removed clearly?

oh ,yes ,i did it as you told me .

hi, why each sentinel2 data has two Stripes?

could you please be more precise?
Also a screenshot and the name of the data you are using would help.