How to use Downloaded Dataset

Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place, I cannot find a relatable category…

I am new to SNAP and would like to try out the DARK VESSEL DETECTION SAMPLE DATASET which is compatible with Snap 7.0.1. However, as only 7.0.0 was available in Previous versions I just went with the latest version 8.0, as usually the latest software version is the best option.

Having now installed SNAP 8.0 and loaded a new project (the dark vessel dataset) after extracting the files to a folder on my desktop, I can see the files and folders in the Product Explorer tab but cannot seem to do anything with them.

Are there any specific noob tutorials I can follow to set this up? I have looked some of the tutorials on the tutorial page, but none seemed to be aimed at beginners. I don’t even know what a lot of them mean, yet! lol.

A little help will be appreciated. Thanks

Tutorials – STEP (

There’s an overview one…

Thank Cristiano, checking it out now.