How to use ESA's SNAP on Sentinel images directly from s3 bucket without downloading them on local system?

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I am trying to process a timeseries of data for LAI calculation over 4 years for whole of Germany, and it takes a lot of time to download the data and then process it in local system. So, is there a way that I can directly put the images in the SNAP via s3 bucket link, and then download the product also in the s3 bucket link?

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No, sorry. This is not possible.

Hello marco Sir, Is there any possibility in near future for ESA SNAP to come up with a plugin to process data directly from S3 bucket itself .

Hello Aazad,

yes, we have ideas in this direction, and this shall work at some point in time.
Till then some work needs to be done.
So, I can’t give you an exact date yet. But it will still take several months, probably even more than a year.

Thank you sir

Dear @marpet, I would like to point out this new project: AWS S3 bucket named sentinel1-slc. It is an AWS S3 bucket that aims to contain all sentinel-1 SLC scenes (for now it only has Germany but it ques quickly expanding the coverage). The scope includes having the swath geotiffs as cloud optimized geotiffs to speed up the access to them. I think this would be of help later on in the development of this kind of tool.

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I was looking for answers about SNAP handling products stored on S3 buckets when I found this thread.
Is there anything new in this direction ?

No, unfortunately no news on this.