How to Use gpt for the step CreatStack

Dear all,
I developed a graph for creating a stack of dim files. The graph works fine in the SNAP, but I would like to run it with the command line gpt. I tried to create a new file containing the list of the dim files mentioned in the xml file and then passed the name of the file as the variable for the graph, but I get error.
Any hint is this regard is appreciated so that I can run the xml graph using command line. Thanks in advance

flood_Graph_stack.xml (1.9 KB) dim.list (414 Bytes)

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Try this:
gpt ‘C:\Users\flood_Graph_stack_SN.xml’ -SsourceProducts=“fullpath1,fullpath2,fullpath3” -Poutputfile=“fullpathtooutput.dim”

Remember to specify full paths like so, C:\Users\file1.dim etc.

flood_Graph_stack_SN.xml (1003 Bytes)

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What @snasonova suggests works fine.
Your xml should work fine as well. The way to properly use it with GPT is:

gpt flood_Graph_stack.xml

Note that gpt CreateStack flood_Graph_stack.xml is not correct since CreateStack is defined in the xml.