How to use ICEYE data for interferometry processing?

Why is there no interferometric fringes after ICEYE data interferometry processing (click Coregistration—click interferometric information)?

just like this!

Can you please show an RGB image of the stack? Are both images from the same track? The temporal baseline of 5 days looks a bit suspicious…
Also, InSAR-ready ICEYE data is not yet available, if I recall correctly.

Edit: found it: Create displacement map in SNAP using ICEYE data - #4 by lveci

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Thank you very much for your reply. Although the two images do cover the same scene, they are not from the same track

Had the same thing once. I should have checked the metadata first.

It seems that for now, no small satellites can produce good interferogram because of difficult orbit control

This has now been demonstrated with Iceye data:

Beyond Change Detection: Measuring the Changes that Matter (

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I also notice the news. Maybe someone can actually try to produce interferogram with ICEYE data and make a more detailed report. It would be more convincing. I will try it if I have time.

I don’t know how well the orbits are controlled today. However, InSAR, PSI etc. with ICEYE data has been demonstrated with Daniele Perissin’s SARPROZ software, so it is certainly possible, and PSI requires a rather large stack of suitable images to work.

Hi there,

So I tried with available datasetr exemple of the port of Rotterdam: found here

Here my results: (05-06/04/2021 couple left; 06-07/04/2021 couple right)


Here the inSAR Overview:

-The perpendicular Baseline seems too huge for a good coherency.

-The second couple gave better results than the first one, but it have a longuer Bperp, so it seems that the main reason explaining the difference is DeltafDC[Hz] (Documentation here) Topic here : Doppler Centroid But no answers about a potential limit of this effect for interferometry…

-There are weird patterns, any idea ? →


The strage patterns could be from Goldstein filtering.


I can confirm that. These can be reducd with a smaller exponent (0.6 instead of 1.0)

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…for cheking coherence-quality it best to look at unfiltered phase/coherence.

I didn’t understand your message, the coherence I showed above is the one coming from the Ifg but multilooked.

Here the one you asked me for:

About the GoldsteinFilter at 0,6:

Thanks for the advice!