How to use the Magic Wand Tool for create a ROI MasK

Hi everyone, I’m trying to create a Roi mask using the magic wand tool, but I’m not able to do it properly.
I have created the “vector data container” but I don’t know how to transfer the magic wand selection to this vector data container.
I want to use this information like vector training in a supervised clasification (random forest).
Does anybody know if there is any specific tutorial for this tool? I have looked for information but I couldn’t find any.


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The selection of the magic wand tool is not available as vector. And currently there is not function implemented which could convert the raster mask into a vector. But it is on the list of things we would like to implement (SNAP-206).

Marpet, thanks for the clarifications, we will wait then for future updates, it will be very usseful.