How to visualize SMOS salinity tiff File?

I am very new to SMOS data but I needed a salinity map for the Aamzon plume so I found one in as this site allowed me to download my area of interest only - not the entire global map.
I was provided with 3 kinds of files, .nc (netCDF), .hrd (maybe binary) and a TIFF file. I want to open it in ArcMap but I could only open the TIFF file. Unfortunately, t the colors were messy. I was told that I have to assign the bands to the Colors red, green and blue. I really am not sure how to do this as i need some kind of documentation about what these bands are.
Has anyone ever loaded these TIFF files?
Thnks a lot.

The SMOS Toolbox does not support the L3 data provided by CATDS explicitly. For other L3 SMOS data I now the EASE 2.0 grid was used. And this isn’t properly supported by SNAP.
But you might try to open the NetCDF or the Tiff in SNAP and see what happens. Maybe you can then export to GeoTIff and ArcMap will read it properly then.
However, as you want to use ArcMap, I suggest you should ask your question in an ArcMap forum.