How to write <validPixelExpression> in the .xml file of C2RCC MSI

Dear All,
I am using C2RCC MSI to perform atmospheric correction batch processing on Sentinel-2 data. When I call the .xml file in pycharm, the following error is displayed.
---- Debugging information ----
message : : unexpected character in markup (position: START_TAG seen …B8 > 0 || B8 < … @34:44)
cause-exception :
cause-message : : unexpected character in markup (position: START_TAG seen …B8 > 0 || B8 < … @34:44)
class : com.bc.ceres.binding.dom.DomElement
required-type : com.bc.ceres.binding.dom.DomElement
converter-type : com.bc.ceres.binding.dom.DomElementXStreamConverter
path : /graph/node[3]/parameters/validPixelExpression
line number : 34
class[1] : org.esa.snap.core.gpf.graph.Node
converter-type[1] : com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.ReflectionConverter
class[2] : org.esa.snap.core.gpf.graph.Graph
version : 1.4.8
It seems that validPixelExpression is wrongly written, but the default C2RCC MSI processing interface in snap is: B8 > 0 && B8 < 0.1, I copy this expression directly into the .xml file and it shows an error when I call it. How can I change this expression?
t1.xml (1.9 KB)

Kindly help

We have an entry in our FAQ for this. Please have look:
When processing an XML graph, I get an error saying something like “unexpected character in markup”?

Thank you very much for your help.
The problem has been solved.

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