Dear ABraun:

I have problems in using Snaphu-unwrapping. I have exported the files well, but when I use Snaphu-unwrapping it does not work. Then, following your tutorial, I go to Manage External Tools and enter the export directory in the variable USERPROFILE and OK. But if I change the directory, the Status gives error. I show you:

Snaphu-unwrapping-Status. Althought it begins to run, I do not get nothing after more than 10 hours.
On the other hand, muy phase and coherence are not good, because there is vegetation in our site (Asturias, North of the Spain). Should I do Multilooking for trying to improve a bit that? And¿ when Multilooking is applied, before of after Golsdtein filter? Because in your paper you put before but in this forum the people seems to do it after G filter…And when using multilooking, ¿it is correct chosing Plase and coherence and leave the rest of the items for default?