Hypsometric curve from netCDF file

I have a modelled netCDF file with temperature, lat, lon, depth. I need to draw a hypsometric curve. What is the easiest way to do this? I have tried using ArcGIS but there it is not possible to choose depth as parameter.
Or is it possible to convert netCDF to CSV file with lat, lot, depth.?

Not sure what this has to do with ESA SNAP. How was your NetCDF file created? Can you show us the metadata (gdalinfo, ncdump -h, etc.)?

Recent versions of ArcGIS have excellent NetCDF-CF support, so you may get a better solution asking in an ArcGIS forum.

Are you trying to use the CSV file as described in Creating NetCDF files for analysis and visualization in ArcGIS?

GDAL translate can create CSV files which GDAL calls XYZ, but I think you will need to do this separately for each product and you loose the metadata that NetCDF4-CF provides.

don’t know if this can help…did you have a look at Panoply, have you tried with Python (with appropriate libraries)?

this is probably achievable with Python or any similar programming language with netCDF and CSV support…

And this is the other issue, you are better off trying to get support from UCAR or a forum of NetCDF, ArcGIS or domain experts… here the focus is on SNAP and its use with EO data.

Sorry! Thank you for the replies!