I can't open Sentinel 2 and Sentinel 3 files in SNAP


I already commented that I have difficulties opening Sentinel 2A_MSIL2A files where I followed step by step the recommendations that helped to solve the same problem to EliaSt, but in my case it did not work.

But also, I can’t open Sentinel 3A_OL_2_LFR___ files either.

How can I solve this problem? I have several images to process with SNAP and I can’t do it.


this sounds strange. There are some remaining issues with S2 but they appear only on Mac.
That you can’t open also the S3 products might be an indicator that you installation got corrupted during the last update.
Try deleting these directories:

C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\SNAP or C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\SNAP

If this doesn’t help, I would suggest that you deinstall and SNAP and the reinstall it.

In both cases you need to update SNAP and reinstall plugins…

It didn’t work, I’m going to uninstall and install SNAP again.

I am reinstalling SNAP, I wonder if I should install some special plugins so that the Sentinel 2 and 3 files work well.

Only the Sentinel-2 and -3 Toolboxes. These are sufficient.

It didn’t work!!

If I try to open the .zip file I get this message:

If I try to import the MTD_MSIL2A.xml file I get this other message:

What’s going on?

Can you provide the log file?

Where to find the log files? - SNAP FAQ
Please recrate the errors before picking and attaching the file.

These are the log files:

messages.log (81.3 KB)
messages.log.1 (85.0 KB)
messages.log.2 (83.8 KB)
updater.log.0 (480.5 KB)

I don’t know if this is what you are asking me, because I don’t know how to understand these files.

These are the correct files, but they don’t show an error.

Do you see a little red sign in the lower right corner of SNAP after the error happened?
Maybe you can click on it and it shows more details.

Otherwise I have also no idea what’s going on.

I think the blank spaces between the names of the folder can cause trouble. Try to link the names with ‘_’. for example: my_new_name

Accents are also a problem. Avoid them.

Everything failed, I removed the accents, replaced the spaces with ‘_’, and I get the same error messages as I show below:

As you can see I corrected the issue of spaces and accents.

Also, there is no small red sign in the lower right corner of SNAP.

But trying other files like S2A_MSIL1C, it has no problem loading in SNAP.

So I wonder if the SNAP I have installed is missing some plugins to load level 2A images like S2A_MSIL2A which are the ones I’m trying to load and I can’t.

Solved the problem with the Sentinel 2 files !!!

For some reason that I don’t understand, when I downloaded the Copernicus images, the file names were cut off, as shown below:

Filenames CUT

and when I tried to load another file from Sentinel 2 that was in another folder, SNAP read it without problems, and that was because the name was complete.

Then I searched again for the files in Copernicus and downloading them to another folder where the full name was kept, and from there everything worked.

These are the same images whose names are complete:

COMPLETE filenames

Thank you for all your help, with these difficulties I learn a lot.