I get an out-of-memory error, probably because the 3D graphic isn't working.

I’m trying to open alos2 data, but I get a “java help space” error.
Since my pc has 16gb of memory, I changed the memory part of snap.conf to “-J-Xmx15G”.

I feel that the processing is quite slow.
How can I make sure that the 3D graphic is working properly?

Setting Xmx to 15G on a 16G system can make it slow, as the system will be starved for memory. You can try 8G or 12G. There are tools for each OS to show you how memory is being used. For linux and macOS I can recommend bpytop. As for 3D graphics, you should seek advice from forums specific to your OS, and mention your graphics hardware.


So that’s it.
The PC used is windows.

Let’s check the usage rate etc.