I Have a Problem HDR

Good morning,
I apologize if I repeat the subject, although I am new here. I am writing a master’s thesis on the subsidence of mining areas and I encounter the following problem in the snaph program. By following the instructions, no HDR file is created, which in the next stage should be ‘worked’ in a snap desk but the following file is created (shown in the attachment) with the extension x ^ 2 … What can this be caused by? Please help

this is just a temporary file, just like the tiles folder. You can ignore it.

From your image I see that you have correctly generated two UnwPhase_VV files. One is the image (img) and the other is the header file (HDR). Select the latter in the SNAPHU import.

Thank you for your answer.
ok, but this HDR file had already been exported from snap, before processing in snaph.
I’m sorry, maybe for “stupid questions”, but I’m a little green in this job …

yes, the hdr file is created at the export step (before unwrapping). What is newly created by snaphu is the img file. Both together are required to be imported in SNAP again.