Ice/water threshold in Sentinel-1

Hi all,
I need any paper or idea that can give me the threshold between ice and water (lake ice). Your reply greatly appreciated.

Iā€™m not an expert in ice but I can imagine that you could get this value by using the profile tool or polygon statistics.
Are you talking of glacier ice or sea ice? Maybe you will also find answers here:

Thanks am talking about lake-ice actually. and I believe I cannot use these articles for that :frowning:

so please tell us in the first post :slight_smile:

I edited my initial question. Any idea or paper suggestion?
Thanks for your help in advance

Thanks. Do you think that the criteria can be used for Sentinel as well?

Since the article is also at C-band that is a very good starting point. Let us know how well it appear to work.

Hi marifo,
did you find a good method? I want to do the same classification, would be very grateful for a reply :slight_smile:

Hi Helsche,
I finally made a separate threshold for each image. A single threshold did not work for my study area. It is a little challenging and subjective, looking at each image and visually find a threshold that can separate what you consider as ice and open water is probably the best you can do.
Hope this helps

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